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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the North Star?
The disability community’s North Star is to ensure that every person with a developmental disability in Washington State has what the need to thrive in the community, no matter where they live. We thrive when our families and people with disabilities have the resources, they need to live full and meaningful lives in the community.

North Star is a coalition (group) of people with disabilities, the families who love and support disabled loved ones, and service and advocacy organizations. People are gathering to share information about a number of important issues.  

Who is “in charge?”
North Star is a project of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council.  With this in mind, North Star priorities and legislative actions will be in alignment with the DD Council Public Policy Committee.  

Who can join?
This work is very difficult and we need everyone’s contributions, so anyone who is part of our disability service system in some way, and who wants to help create solutions, is welcome.

When are the meetings?
The North Star main group meets the second Friday of each month, and smaller workgroups have meetings on different days, depending on the needs and goals of the workgroup.

Email to join the list.

How are people meeting?
Currently, all meetings are happening on Zoom.

Do I need any special knowledge or training in order to join the North Star?

No. It is important to bring people who are new to this work along with us. Some people need help understanding the process, and some people are experienced experts who can help guide others. The new folks and the experts are working together to create the ideas for a community that works for everyone.

We know that every person is an expert on their own lived experiences. We ask people to listen carefully to each other’s stories. Our system has caused harm, trauma, and financial challenges for many people and families.

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