We advocate for better services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

The DDC collaborates and coordinates with other agencies and organizations, trains leaders and advocates, and advocates for better policies, programs, and practices. Everything we do is based on our core values of self-determination, independence, inclusion, integration, and productivity for people with developmental disabilities.

Our Five-Year State Plan

The DDC is required to create a 5-Year State Plan to address the needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families. Our State Plan helps guide our daily work, ensure we are addressing the most important priorities of the developmental disabilities community, and hold ourselves accountable to specific goals and objectives.

Public Policy & Advocacy

The DDC advocates for equitable policies, programs, and practices that benefit all people with developmental disabilities and their families. We support Council members, policy makers, and other community members to create positive change.

Council Activities

To fulfill to goals and objectives of our State Plan, our Council participates in activities and projects across the state. Council Activities can involve bringing together large groups of people to request policy changes, like the North Star Project, or to build advocacy trainings in our state, like the Advocacy Partnership Project. You can read about our current Council work on the Council Activities page.

Council Resources

The DDC use different resources when working with decision makers, partners, and on projects, including our five-year state plan, the Institute for Community Inclusion State Data, and National Core Indicators. You can read more about these resources on our Council Resources page.