ALDC Project

The Advocacy Leadership Development Cohort (ALDC) project, initiated by the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council, aims to empower communities across the state to tackle barriers impacting individuals with developmental disabilities. This initiative is designed to foster the formation of Community Teams that will lead advocacy efforts, develop innovative solutions, and drive meaningful policy changes. Through structured training and support, the ALDC seeks to build the capacity of these teams, enabling them to navigate challenges and advocate for sustainable, impactful changes within their communities​​.

Selected through a competitive process, nine Community Teams will participate in a four-month advocacy program, which includes monthly virtual training sessions and the submission of project deliverables. Each team will receive $20,000 in funding, distributed in four monthly payments based on their participation and completion of tasks. These teams will collaborate with experienced advocates and receive ongoing support to enhance their advocacy skills. The project will culminate in a hybrid event where teams will present their final plans and celebrate their accomplishments​​.

The primary objectives of the ALDC include community empowerment, leadership development, and collaborative problem-solving. By promoting active engagement with stakeholders and policymakers, the initiative aims to raise awareness and garner support for issues affecting individuals with developmental disabilities. Additionally, the project emphasizes equity and inclusivity, ensuring diverse representation and prioritizing the needs of marginalized groups. Through this comprehensive approach, the ALDC strives to create lasting, positive impacts and build stronger, more resilient communities across Washington State

Community Teams Page

If you are part of one of the nine ALDC Community Teams, access the team page by clicking the link below. Contact your team leader if you need assistance.
ALDC Team Page

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