HCBS QA Advisory Committee

Our Purpose

To provide oversight and guidance for the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) administered by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

Advisory Committee Charter

Governing Language:

  • From the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which governs the Community First Choice Program: “The State must elicit and incorporate feedback from individuals and their representatives, disability organizations, providers, families of disabled and elderly individuals, members of the community and others to improve the quality of the community-based attendant services and supports benefit.”
  • From DDA’s State Plan Amendment under the section called, “How the State will conduct activities of discovery, remediation, and quality improvement in order to ascertain whether the program meets assurances, corrects shortcomings, and pursues opportunities for improvement”: “The State also works with participants, families, advocates, and providers to identify opportunities for performance improvement and reports progress to stakeholders, State staff, and providers.”
  • From the Waiver Application: The HCBS (DDA) Waivers Quality Assurance Committee:
  • Sponsored by the DDC and comprised of self-advocates, family members, providers and Department representatives: Meets four times a year, with provision for more frequent sub-committee meetings on select topics as needed; Provides a forum for active, open and continuous dialogue between stakeholders and the DDA for implementing, monitoring and improving the delivery of waiver services to best meet the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”
  • Note: The original intent of the committee was to discuss the oversight of waiver programs specifically. However, because of the broad scope of DDA programs and services, the committee reached a consensus to broaden the purview of discussions.


Convened by the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council


People with developmental disabilities, family members, advocates, advocacy organizations, providers, representatives of DDA and other state agencies

Meeting frequency and format:

The committee meets quarterly, with the provision for sub-committees and/or additional meetings as needed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee is meeting virtually by Zoom and may choose to reinstate in-person meetings at a later date.


  • Share updates and discuss pertinent topics
  • Track quality assurance outcomes and other key indicators
  • Give feedback on program development and changes
  • Make recommendations for implementing, monitoring, and improving HCBS programs

HCBS QA Council Membership

  • Aaron Morrow, Community Advocate    
  • Amal Grabinski, CRSA    
  • Ann Vasilev, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Anna McEnery, Jefferson County    
  • Arzu Forough, Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy    
  • Autumn Chancellor, Arc of Snohomish County    
  • Beth Krehbiel, Developmental Disabilities Administration  
  • Betty Schwieterman, Developmental Disabilities Ombuds    
  • Bob Beckman, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Chelsi Edinger, HCA    
  • Christine Acosta, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Courtney Williams, Community Employment Alliance    
  • David Lord, Disability Rights Washington    
  • Dee Dee Garman Grays Harbor County    
  • Diane Larsen, Family Mentor Project    
  • Helen Black, Community Advocate    
  • Jaime Bond, Developmental  Disabilities Administration    
  • Jamie Sigesmund, Seattle Children's Hospital    
  • Jeremy Norden-Paul, Developmental Disabilities Council    
  • John Lemus, Lilac  City People First    
  • Julia Bell, Developmental  Disabilities Council    
  • Kathleen Donlin, HCA    
  • Katrina Davis, Seattle Children's Hospital and Parent    
  • Lance Morehouse, Sherwood Community Services    
  • Leila Graves, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Les Parker, ResCare    
  • Lisa Robbe, Developmental Disabilities Ombuds    
  • Lori Gianetto, Bare Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Lucas Doelman, Community Advocate    
  • Michelle Hoffman, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Paul Davis, HCA    
  • Rainee Selby, Seattle Children's  Hospital    
  • Resa Hayes, People  First of Washington    
  • Robin Tatsuda, Arc of King County    
  • Shannon Manion, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Shaw Seaman, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Shayne Nagel, Arc  of Snohomish County    
  • Stacy Dym, Arc of Washington State    
  • Teresa Boden, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Tonik Joseph, Developmental Disabilities Administration    
  • Tracie Hoppis, Yakima Children's Village    
  • Tracy Kapp, Community Advocate
  • Valerie Kindschy, Developmental Disabilities Administration

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • December 8th, 2021

Previous Meeting Materials:

September 16th, 2020

December 16th, 2020

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