2022 Public Policy Legislative Priorities

December 1, 2021

2022 legislative priorities were approved by the DDC council in October 2021 and will guide our efforts during the upcoming legislative session. While these topics will be prioritized, the DDC will also address other emerging issues that align with our values and policies.

  • Require Developmental Disabilities Administration to amend their rules to require a “no reject” policy for residential providers. This means that providers should be prohibited from kicking someone out of their programs and homes without ensuring a person has transitioned to another residential provider.
  • Ask the legislature to adopt the definition in the federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (which requires a diagnosis before the age of 22 versus the age of 18, no IQ testing, etc)
  • Ask the legislature to issue a proclamation to Congress asking for the complete elimination of sub minimum wage certificates at the federal level.
  • Ask the legislature to close all institutions and hospitals that restrain people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating a 3-year phase out plan and moving everyone into a SOLA or other community-based setting.
  • Ask the legislature to prohibit SOLAs and other community based residential care settings and providers from acting as institutions with rules and regulations such as: prohibiting people from leaving their homes when they want to; require training and disciplinary action for caregivers who are found to be abusive and neglectful.
  • Require person centered planning where the person directs their own care.
  • Ask the legislature to implement universal design for learning for all students, starting at three years old. This approach will ensure that people with disabilities and people of color are not isolated from their peers.
  • Ask the legislature to prohibit public schools from isolating and restraining students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, starting at three years old.
  • Ask the legislature to pass the recommendations from the North Star Coalition.
  • “Nothing about us without us” at the federal and state level.

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