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DD Council Town Hall Meeting September 17th
The Council would like to learn more about community supports in your area and the challenges facing individuals with developmental disabilities and families. We are especially interested in hearing from senior families and adult siblings assuming support/caregiver roles. Learn more here.

Celebrating 25 Years of the ADA: Americans with Disabilities ACT!
The Developmental Disabilities Council and Allies in Advocacy invite you to join us in celebrating the signing of the ADA with the launch of Americans with Disabilities ACT,a short video featuring the powerful voice of disability advocacy here in Washington State. Americans with Disabilities ACT is our expression of what the ADA brings into the lives of all Americans when everyone is included.

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About The Council
The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is a Federal-State partnership working to plan for and with people with developmental disabilities and their families.
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The Council is helping keep people informed through Informing Families Building Trust. Use the website as a resource and check out our latest musings by visiting us on Facebook.
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