Dan Thompson Memorial Account Update

Dan is pictured in the mailroom at Microsoft. Photo courtesy of the Thompson family.

The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council and the Developmental Disabilities Administration within Washington State DSHS are excited to provide an update regarding the status of awardees and expenditures from the Dan Thompson Memorial Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account. To date, DDA has awarded just over $9 million on 35 executed contracts across the state. Four additional contracts are currently pending, and many more signed contracts are expected to be finalized later in the upcoming months.

“Each application is so unique, and we are very excited about the variety of supports and services across our state to meet gaps identified by our stakeholders,” said Debbie Roberts, DSHS Assistant Secretary for DDA. Learn more here.


On 11/1/22, the Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC)sent 24 proposals to the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)requesting funding from the Dan Thompson Memorial Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account. These proposals were prioritized from the original DDC recommendations that were denied during DDA’s review process or withdrawn by the applicant. The DDC selected new recommendations based on the scoring of applications by the original teams of stakeholders. The total amount of unfunded applications is $9,182,303.00. The DDA will review the recommendations and make final funding decisions. A list of the new recommendations may be found here. Please contact Danthompson@dshs.wa.gov if you have questions or need more information.



DSHS’ Developmental Disabilities Administration is excited to provide an update regarding projects funded by the Dan Thompson Memorial Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account.

DDA has received over 100 recommended project proposals from the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council. Of these, more than 50% are now fully executed contracts with the remainder to be finalized in the coming months. Since our last update, we have fully executed an additional 18 contracts to a value of $11,386,181 bringing the total number of contracts in effect to 51 and awarded amount thus far to more than $18.5 million. 

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Dan Thompson Trust Acct Update Doc 04.14.23mc edits.pdf (govdelivery.com)

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